MODA Group Support: A group of like-minded individuals who share the common interest of achieving a healthy body weight for life. We meet every Saturday morning in the west end of Toronto. Our weekly workshop provides accountability, education, emotional support, and the inspiration needed to achieve our goals. Each workshop is geared towards planning, strategizing, celebrating successes and accountability with a weekly weigh in. Workshops are open to men and woman providing an easy-going, friendly environment.

The Myths About Exercise By Mike MacKinnon Personal Trainer Saturday February 3 9:30 to 10:30 AM

Guest Speaker Workshop

Weight Lost: Toronto Man Loses 130 Pounds After Seeing Himself In A Suit

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Weight Loss Never Tasted So Good Cookbook

In 2010, Tony Vassallo was at a crossroads – morbidly obese, with several life-threatening medical issues related to excess weight. His fear for the future and the man he saw reflected in the mirror gave him the determination to choose change over confections. Tony harnessed his passion for food and devised simple, creative ways to prepare delicious and healthy meals. Over a 16-month journey he successfully shed 130 pounds and has continued to keep it off. This cookbook is filled with tips and recipes using photos of the meals he prepared for himself over the course of his weight loss journey. Tony is now a Man on a Nutrition Mission™ and he wants to help you Eat Your Way to a Healthy Weight.

An Illustrated Guide to Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight
Including Weight Loss Tips with:

180 Weight Loss Recipes from a Former Fat Guy

Note: Results May Vary

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37 Years Old

300+ Pounds

50” Waist

Morbidly Obese

Lots of Medications


16 Months Later

130 Pounds Gone

32” Waist

Clean Bill of Health

Lots of MOJO


5 Years of Maintaining

5+ Years Devoted

to Helping Others.

He’s Now a Man on

A Nutrition Mission™

MODA Support